• Microdear Cleaning Cloth

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    This is not a standard lens cleaning cloth.

    This is the best microfiber cleaning cloth in the world, developed and made by a small company in Japan.  This is the softest and finest microfiber material made.  It is permanently anti static, even after 50 machine washings. Super easy to take care of: machine washable.  This is highly sought after by photographers in Japan to clean lenses and cameras but is hard to get in the U.S.  It works great for cleaning musical instruments, screens, optical discs, eyeglasses and just about anything.  We use it to clean movie film before archiving, cleaning optical discs and LCD screens in our studio.  It quickly removes dust, dirt and oil.  Because this cloth is unique, hard to get and is so good, it makes a great gift.  Size: 11"x12".